Empower your Sales & Customer Service with Our New AI Agents

Revolutionize the way your business interacts with its customers.
Our AI Agents are tailored to multiple industries, and offer unparalleled assistance and insights.

Evveland AI Agents Can Learn Your Brand Voice

Leveraging advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, these agents are capable of understanding and responding to a wide array of queries, automating tasks, and providing valuable insights.

Industry Specific AI Agents

Evveland AI Agents are a collection of intelligent virtual assistants, each specialized in a distinct area of expertise.

Sales Agent

Optimizes customer interactions, drives sales, and provides detailed product information.

Customer Service Agent

Handles customer queries, offers support, and improves overall customer experience.

Technical Support Agent

Provides troubleshooting assistance and technical guidance to users.

Human Resources Agent

Manages employee inquiries, facilitates HR processes, and enhances internal communication.

Marketing Agent

Aids in brand promotion, disseminates marketing information, and engages potential clients.

Real Estate Agent

Assists in property searches, schedules viewings, and navigates real estate processes.

Healthcare Agent

Provides general health and wellness information and medication reminders.

Custom Agents

Need a specific agent for your business? We can build an AI Agent to help your business in any typoe of setting.

Los galardonados en los Crypto Week Awards posan junto al jurado de los premios que se entregaron en Madrid en Julio 2023.

Evveland´s Business Metaverse Won the 2023 CryptoWeek Awards

Evveland is proud to have been awarded Metaverse of the Year at the Crypto Week Awards 2023, a recognition of our innovation in creating immersive business experiences and Web3 technology. This award is a testament to our commitment to excellence and leadership in the metaverse space.

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