Transform Your Business With Innovative Web3 Strategies

Evveland’s Consulting Services offer tailored strategies and solutions in digital transformation, leveraging our expertise in AI, VR, and blockchain.

Our Consulting Services Include:

Digital Transformation and Adoption
Enhancing Customer Engagement and Experience
Operational Efficiency and Automation
Innovative Marketing and Sales Strategies
Remote Collaboration and Virtual Events
Navigating the Web3 deployment

Meet Our Experienced Team and Strong Partner Network 

Evveland’s expert team guides businesses into the Web3 realm by providing tailored blockchain, AI, and VR solutions, ensuring seamless integration, enhanced security, and innovative strategies for a successful transition to a decentralized digital future.

Evveland´s Main Areas of Expertise

We offer personalized consulting to design and implement bespoke, innovative solutions that align with specific business goals, ensuring clients navigate the complexities of technology integration effectively and gain a competitive edge in their industries.

Web3 & Blockchain Strategy

Expert Blockchain and Web3 guidance for innovative, future-ready business solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Tailored AI consulting for cutting-edge, intelligent business transformation.

Community Development

Strategic consulting to build and nurture thriving, engaged online communities.

Corporate Training

Empowering teams with tailored corporate training in cutting-edge technologies.

Case Study: Tokenization and Marketing of Miyawaki Forest in Dominican Republic

Evveland, in collaboration with Loyola79 Foundation, successfully tokenized the Miyawaki Forest, creating digital assets to fund and promote its growth. This innovative marketing strategy enhanced awareness and support for the forest, showcasing a unique intersection of technology and environmental stewardship. We performed the following tasks:

– Design NFT Carbon Collectibles campaign
– Deploy Smart Contracts
– Upload NFTs to Opensea
– Design and implement marketing campaign
– Launch the NFT campaign