Get ready for Evveland’s biggest contest

Evveland, one of the most enticing metaverse platforms for businesses so far, is planning for a contest of 110 Smart Venues NFTs worth over 125 Ethereum.  Before the grand launch of their official NFTs, they are coming up with an exciting contest for you to try out your luck.t you to participate in the contest and try out your luck. 

Evveland is about to transform the event management space with its one-of-its-kind NFT Metaverse platform which is based on the Polygon chain designed keeping in mind the business world.  With Evveland corporates can organize events in the metaverse and digitally connect with the global audience. 

Evveland has a very interesting business model. As a venue owner in Evveland, you can earn revenue by renting out your venues. However, renting out a venue is not the only way one can earn from this platform. The popularity of your venue directly impacts its market value. The more often your venue is rented out by the organizations, the more the global audience visits your venue, and thus your venue becomes more valuable in the form of NFT. However, venue owners will not be the only ones to earn profits in the form of revenues. There are other stakeholders in Evveland as well, such as venue operators, who will get a share in  revenues earned by the platform. Venue operators will be hired by the event organizers to manage one or multiple event venues. 

But what does it bring for you with this contest?

Evveland is going to launch its NFT on July 15, 2022 which are available on various NFT market places. However, with this contest,  few lucky winners will have a great chance  to earn a free NFT through this upcoming contest. Evveland is giving away 110 smart venues worth over 125 ETH through its contest. The contest is already live for the participants and will run till July 14th, 2022. Anyone can participate in this contest. You just have to make a video showing your NFTs knowledge by answering five simple questions. Based on the videos and the answers, Evveland will pick 110 winners for the contest, who will get the smart venues. 

About the company

Evveland first emerged as a metaverse for its parent company, Buskeros, in March 2021. Buskeros conducted some virtual job fairs on Evveland, which were a huge hit and were attended by thousands of participants globally. This gave the company an idea to make a platform on which organizations can efficiently connect and collaborate with their global audience in a virtual reality immersive environment and can conduct various events, meetings, interviews, etc. The platform is all set to transform the event management space in near future.     

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