Web3StrongerTogether Summit to Showcase Key Concepts for Blockchain Community

Evveland Metaverse, February 15th, 2023 – The #Web3StrongerTogether Summit, scheduled to take place on Evveland Metaverse from March 1-4th, will showcase more than 120 Web3 projects and fully develop key concepts for the blockchain community such as equality, inclusivity, and humanity. The event will provide a platform for participants to debate and exchange experiences in areas such as DeFi, NFTs, metaverse, DAOs and more.

“We believe that Web3 technologies have the potential to bring about a truly decentralized and inclusive digital future,” said Laurent Perello, founder of W3ST. “The https://www.youtube.com/shorts/DxMrmQOWID0#Web3StrongerTogether Summit will bring together the brightest minds in the Web3 community to exchange ideas and showcase the incredible potential of these technologies.”

The #Web3StrongerTogether summit will feature companies such as Imperium, CodeNet, The Megland, and SaTT, among others, showcasing their products and services. Users will have the opportunity to interact with project leaders and gain insights into the future of Web3.

By hosting the event at Evveland Metaverse, the summit will promote the values of inclusivity, sustainability, and community engagement. “We want to demonstrate that projects within Web3 ecosystem can be supportive, focused on delivering inclusive innovation, and committed to a long-term vision,” states Rafael Bonnelly, Founder & CEO of Evveland Metaverse.

The event will feature various gaming experiences, in addition to three days of keynote speeches, interviews, and panels discussions focused on blockchain technology and the future of Web3. The summit is also committed to giving back to the web3 community by promoting projects, leaders and artists who are motivated to work hand in hand to shed light on a controversial industry by bringing inclusivity, sustainability, and community engagement. 

Attendance at the #Web3StrongerTogether Summit 2023 can be secured by purchasing a ticket through Evveland Metaverse (https://bit.ly/Evveland-W3ST). 

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