Evveland Metaverse Clinches “Best Metaverse of the Year” at Crypto Week Awards Ceremony

Evveland Metaverse, a leading platform in the digital universe, is thrilled to announce their triumphant achievement as “The Best Metaverse of the Year” during the Crypto Week Awards Ceremony. The prestigious event was held on July 8th, marking the finale of the CryptoWeek Summit, an internationally recognized gathering of traders and blockchain enthusiasts in Spain.

Evveland – A Reigning Champion in the Metaverse Universe

Reinforcing its position at the forefront of virtual realities, Evveland Metaverse’s recognition as “Best Metaverse of the Year” demonstrates the innovative strides made by the organization in a rapidly evolving sector. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and avant-garde design principles, Evveland delivers a dynamic, user-centric experience, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the metaverse.

Crypto Week Awards – Celebrating Excellence in the Blockchain Space

The Crypto Week Awards Ceremony is a cornerstone of the CryptoWeek Summit. The awards recognize industry leaders who are driving innovation and excellence in various facets of the crypto and blockchain sectors. The 2023 ceremony announced winners in 20 distinct categories.

 Waynance secured the “Best Wallet” title, while CryptoSpace_Es emerged victorious as “Best Influencer in TikTok”. The honor of “Best Exchange” went to DEXTools, with Trading Lab taking the title for “Best Trading School”. Other accolades included “Best Content Creator” awarded to Pablo Gil, and OuterRing MMO Governanza earning the “DAO Project of the Year”.

 Spotlight on the Pioneers

Apart from recognizing entities, the Crypto Week Awards also put a spotlight on individuals making significant contributions. José Fernando Molina took home the title of “Best Crypto- Blockchain Journalist”, while Eneko Knorr was named “Investor of the Year”. Daniel Valdés, a notable web3 entrepreneur, was acknowledged as the “Web3 Entrepreneur of the Year”.

 A Niche for NFTs

The awards recognized the growing significance of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) within the crypto landscape. “NFT Refering Artist” was awarded to Teresa Alvarez Moyano, and the “Best NFT Collection” went to World Challenge Game.

 Evveland’s Vision for the Future

Evveland Metaverse’s win at the Crypto Week Awards is a testament to its pioneering role in shaping the metaverse universe. As it carves a distinct path within the realm of virtual realities, Evveland continues to redefine user experiences and engagement in its world. The recognition serves as a driving force, propelling the organization to build upon its achievements and set new benchmarks in the metaverse landscape.

 For more information about Evveland Metaverse and its award-winning contributions, visit www.evveland.com.

About Evveland Metaverse: Evveland Metaverse is a leading platform in the virtual world, delivering a seamless, interactive, and dynamic user experience. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Evveland is shaping the future of digital interactions, redefining boundaries in the metaverse, and contributing significantly to the advancement of this rapidly evolving sector.


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