EVVELAND´s Smart Venue NFT Airdrop Debuts Hot in Telegram/Twitter Groups

In just 24 hours, Miami-based business Metaverse developer Evveland Corporation climbed to the second most liked Airdrop in the month of June in NFT group Airdrop Inspector, according to research conducted by Evveland´s marketing of the 90 airdrops announced to the group in the month of June.

Airdrop Inspector has a combined Twitter and Telegram community of roughly 3M people, with large representation from India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines as well as several African nations.

Thousands of users flocked to the Evveland´s Telegram and Twitter accounts in order to earn points and land one of the Smart Venue NFTs which the company is minting in two weeks. Evveland founders are holding two AMAs on Twitter Spaces, Facebook and Evveland´s Smart Venue before the minting date.

Evveland´s Smart Venues NFT Collections will give users the property of a mobile-first virtual building in a 360-degree environment, which will allow the owner or user to easily host an event on the Metaverse.

The Smart Venues NFT Collection has to main components:

  1. Event Venues: Which provide owners immediate access to a smart event venue.
  2. Venue skins: Which allow NFT owners to customize their venues.

1. Originality

The Smart Venue NFTs give owners access to our smart event venues and all the administrative tools needed to create, manage and distribute multiple types of events. The Smart Venues are numbered 1 through 10,000 and have been created at scale so they offer a real-life experience to its users.

Then Smart Venues have lots of customizable elements:

  • Skins. Major cities and landmarks around the world. Users receive a standard landscape and can purchase other skins that will allow them to dress their venues.
  • Ticket Office. Users can customize the wording on the ticket office to adapt to each event. Users can also mint Ticket NFTs, as a separate collection.
  • Banners: There are 6 different types of banners in the Smart Venues reception.
  • Exhibit Hall Entrances. There are two Exhibit Hall entrances that can be changed to reflect the Event Organizer´s configuration.
  • Pavilions. The Venues currently have 4 different pavilion configurations to accommodate their sponsors.
  • Pavilion Banners. Each pavilion has a set of banners that serve to package larger sponsorship offers, or to promote other products & services.
  • Auditorium. The Auditorium allows for live and on-demand content to be distributed to event attendees. Banners can be synchronized with each event.
  • Breakout rooms. The Break-out rooms allow for two simultaneous conferences to be held by the event organizer.
  • Meeting rooms. The meeting rooms allow for one-to-one meetings.
  • Galleries. The Galleries can fit 30 pictures each, with each image having a title, description and link to a marketplace.
  • Gamification. Multiple gamification components are offered in order to increase engagement between event organizers and attendees.

2. Community

Evveland has a very strong community-driven focus. NFT owners will become members of the Evveland Foundation and vote to decide in which environmental projects it gets involved, setting the basis for the creation of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Also, developers, XR designers, and architects will be part of the community that will help Evveland grow and develop into a global business metaverse, by adding their creativity into developing new buildings and venue skins.

Both event organizers and attendees will engage with our platform and become potential repeat clients for the different products and services we offer in Evveland.

3. Utility

The Smart Venue NFTs will have immediate utility for owners, since they will receive access to the venues administration tools, which will allow them to perform the following functions:

  • Organize trade shows, conferences, family gatherings, create art exhibits
  • Deploy their NFT galleries
  • Develop new skins and building components (stands, pavilions, stores, etc.)
  • Support environmental initiatives
  • Attend events
  • Conduct business round-tables
  • Buy NFTs
  • Create gamification components

4. Monetary Value

Smart Venue NFT owners will be able to stake their NFTs with Evveland and receive annual interest in the form of 18,000 EVVE ERC 20 tokens per year.

The staked NFTs will also generate revenue from the venue rentals to Event Organizers. Current rental fees for virtual venues can range from $3,000 to $10,000 per day.

5. Social Value

The Evveland NFTs have a strong social value, by offering event organizers and attendees the possibility to either hold events virtually, or extend the reach and brand of their offline events, we add value to the members of our community.

Also, the Event Venues are good for the environment, since virtual events generate zero carbon footprint, by eliminating travel time, costs and efforts.

Through the Evveland Foundation, and our reforestation initiatives, we also have a strong environmental impact, generating carbon storage and helping communities get involved in improving the environment.

6. Innovation

Distributed ownership of event venues will allow for an open innovation framework to take hold within Evveland, by allowing venue owners to improve their environments and contribute those improvements to the community at large.

The use of blockchain and Web3 technologies applied to the events business on the Metaverse will also ensure a constant innovation process.

About Evveland:

EVVELAND applies Web3 technologies and operational expertise to attract and empower diverse communities focused on events, creativity, developing awareness and caring for the planet.

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