Stellar Smart Cube

420.00 for 1 year

Evveland Smart Cubes serve as an innovative and cost-effective solution for businesses seeking a prominent presence within the burgeoning Evveland Metaverse. These intelligent cubes harness advanced AI technology to create immersive, branded environments that foster robust user engagement.

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Key features:

Cube Size/Pavilion: The Stellar Smart Cube offers a virtual environment for your company that allows you to deploy your product and service offerings easily and efficiently.
In-Cube Banners: Organizers can customize strategically placed banners within the cube to promote their product and service offerings.
Videos: Smart Cubes can include pre-recorded videos for presentations, talks, and entertainment.
Product Catalogue: Exhibitors can showcase their products and services in an interactive catalog within the Smart Cube.
Private Chat: Smart Cube owners have a private chat to connect and service their customers.
Social Links: Attendees can add and share links to all of their social networks to expand their network of contacts.
Multiple Users: Our platform allows the participation of multiple users from the same account, ideal for work teams.
Connection with Wallet: Attendees can connect their virtual wallet to make purchases and secure transactions within the event.
Chat with Artificial Intelligence: The platform has an artificial intelligence chatbot that provides information, answers questions and assists users during the event.
Connection with Stripe: Our platform integrates the Stripe payment gateway to facilitate transactions and purchases within the event.
Use of the Auditorium per Year: The owners of the Stellar Smart Cubes have use of the Auditorium 1 time per year.
Smart Cube Advertising: The platform offers advertising options for the pavilions and spaces within the event.
Unique URL: Each Smart Cube has a unique and customizable URL for easy access and dissemination.

Our virtual events platform is the perfect choice for online trade shows, conferences, expos, and other interactive events. With its focus on personalization and user engagement, we ensure attendees have a memorable and enriching experience.

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Catálogo de Productos

Enlaza tus productos con tu oferta de ecommerce.

AI Chatbot

Entrena el chatbot con la información de tu empresa, y da servicio a tus clientes 24/7.


Incluye un video promocional de tu empresa o producto.

Redes Sociales

Agrega todas tus redes sociales a tu Smart Cube


Gestiona tus contactos y conversaciones.


Conecta tu wallet o cuenta de Stripe y vende directamente en tu Smart Cube.


El Quasar Smart Cube comparte un pabellón con otros 12 cubos.


El propietario de los Stellar Smart Cubes tiene derecho a realizar 2 eventos de una hora cada uno por año en uno de nuestros auditorios.


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